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Il-6 Assay

 Human IgG SPARCL™ Assay

IGG-SP-20 1 kit
EUR 500

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the il-6 assay reagents distributed by Genprice. The Il-6 Assay reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact il 6 elisa. Other Il-6 products are available in stock. Specificity: Il-6 Category: Assay

True Blue

EUR 2705

COVID-19 Spike RBD and Membrane Protein Human IgG ELISA Assay

EUR 635

COVID-19 Spike RBD and Membrane Protein Human IgG ELISA Assay

EUR 2900

Dengue Virus Human IgG Assay Control

1 mL
EUR 105

Parainfluenza Virus Human IgG Assay Control

1 mL
EUR 105

Chikungunya Virus Human IgG Assay Control

1 mL
EUR 105

Zika Virus Human IgG Assay Control

1 mL
EUR 105

Cytokines information

Rat IL-22 Flow Cytometry Assay

RX20021 96 tests
EUR 275

Rat IL-21 Flow Cytometry Assay

RX22010 96 tests
EUR 275

Rat IL-1RA Flow Cytometry Assay

RX11122 96 tests
EUR 275

Human IL-37 Flow Cytometry Assay

HX37020 96 tests
EUR 275

Human IL-18 Flow Cytometry Assay

HX87462 96 tests
EUR 270

Canine IL-22 Flow Cytometry Assay

CX22020 96 tests
EUR 275

EasyNAT HPV 6/ 11 Assay

U203012 test

Caspase 6 Assay Kit, green

KF17204 25 Tests
EUR 364.8

Caspase 6 (CASP6) Assay Kit

abx299018-100g 100 µg Ask for price

Caspase 6 (CASP6) Assay Kit

abx299018-20g 20 µg
EUR 462.5

Caspase 6 (CASP6) Assay Kit

abx299018-50g 50 µg
EUR 1200

Antibiotic Assay Medium No.6

M223-500G 1 unit
EUR 42.44
Description: Antibiotic Assay Medium No.6

IL-17RA[Biotin]:IL-17A Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit

72060 96 rxns.
EUR 1245
Description: The IL-17RA[Biotin]:IL-17A Inhibitor Screening Assay Kit is designed for_x000D_screening inhibitors of IL-17A:IL-17RA interaction. The IL-17RA[Biotin]-IL-17A Binding Assay Kit_x000D_comes in a convenient 96-well format, with biotin-labeled IL-17RA, purified IL-17A, streptavidinlabeled_x000D_HRP, and assay buffer for 100 binding reactions. The key to this kit is the high_x000D_sensitivity of detection of biotin-labeled IL-17RA by streptavidin-HRP. Only a few simple steps_x000D_on a microtiter plate are required for the assay. First, IL-17A is coated on a 96-well plate. Next,_x000D_IL-17RA is incubated with IL-17A on the plate. Finally, the plate is treated with streptavidin-HRP_x000D_followed by addition of an HRP substrate to produce chemiluminescence, which can then be_x000D_measured using a chemiluminescence reader.

Caspase-6 Activity Assay Kit

AR4009 50 assays
EUR 350

Sirtuin 6 Fluorogenic Assay Kit

50022 96 rxns.
EUR 445
Description: The Sirtuin 6 Fluorogenic Assay Kit is a complete assay system designed to measure SIRT6 activity for screening and profiling applications. It comes in a convenient 96-well format, with all the reagents necessary for 100 fluorescent SIRT6 activity measurements. In addition, the kit includes purified SIRT6 enzyme and a SIRT inhibitor, Nicotinamide, for use as a positive and negative control, respectively. The Fluorogenic SIRT6 Assay Kit is based on a unique fluorogenic substrate and developer combination. This assay method eliminates dealing with the radioactivity, extraction, and chromatography aspects of traditional assays. Using this kit, only two simple steps on a microtiter plate are needed to analyze the SIRT6 activity level. First, the Sirtuin 6 fluorometric substrate, containing a myristoylated lysine side chain, is incubated with purified SIRT6 enzyme. The demyristoylation sensitizes the substrate so subsequent treatment with the SIRT Developer produces a fluorophore that can then be measured using a fluorescence reader.

Caspase-6 Microplate Assay Kit

DLSM0197 100 Assays
EUR 245
Description: Detection and Quantification of Caspase-6 Activity.

Caspase-6 Microplate Assay Kit

MBS8309702-100Assays 100Assays
EUR 365

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